How does the travel industry move forward?

In this video, Martin discusses some major questions facing travel companies going into 2021.

15 Dec, 2020 Updated 09 Sep, 2021

The travel industry is currently facing two existential challenges – Covid-19 and Brexit. It’s hard to imagine how these events are going to pan out next year and how the travel industry’s recovery from the pandemic will look. This is something that our director, Martin Alcock, explored when he spoke to members of the Association of Independent Tour Operators earlier today.

Martin looked at the impact of the vaccine and highlighted that although it is very important, it doesn’t do that much for the practicalities of travelling in the short-term. He also discussed why we believe it’s vital that the industry continues to push for a coordinated testing approach. Martin also discussed some of the major questions facing travel companies going into 2021, including:

– How is the uncertainty going to affect the January peaks?

– What impact will fewer business travellers have on the unit economics of airfares, and therefore the price of leisure tickets?

– Although Covid has accelerated the rate of channel shift from offline to online across retail spending, will travel buck the trend?

Here’s the full presentation:

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