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things to look out for ahead of the March 2022 renewal

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3 key takeaways from our
deep dive into the ATOL data

Following the September renewal, the CAA has updated its list showing how many passengers each ATOL holder is authorised to carry. The resulting data set is a trend analysis treasure trove! We explored the key questions that this data raises.

3 important travel
regulatory issues

In this video, Martin Alcock explains the planned closure of the ATOL Refund Credit Note scheme, the importance of keeping on top of your quarterly licence limits, and some potential flight ticketing challenges caused by IATA's changing approach to Risk Holding Capacity.

Temporary changes to IATA
UK financial criteria

 IATA has announced a temporary relaxation of its UK ļ¬nancial criteria, which will apply to financial reviews conducted between 1 November 2021 and 31 October 2022.

We have summarised our view of this change and identified some areas for you to consider.